Intelligent Infrastructure
Improve your ICT services and minimise your costs with our intelligent infrastructure solutions. Read more about us.
Our combined experience spans more than 45 years
Our team has been handpicked for their specialist ICT infrastructure expertise and their ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. Meet Them.
DCIM solutions that give you control
See, understand, manage and optimise, to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.
Network Cabling & Digital Facilities
New fit-out designs to major reconfigurations, we can manage the whole project or integrate into your team. Read more here.
Delivering the knowledge you need to make informed decisions
iiSolutions can audit both your infrastructure and data to an agreed set of criteria, documenting what you have and how it interacts. Read more here.
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Data Centre Infrastructure
Management Services

Successful businesses are in control of their IT physical infrastructure. However, maintaining total control can be challenging in this fast-paced environment in which we all operate. iiSolutions helps you see, understand and manage your infrastructure.

ICT Cabling & Facilities

ICT Cabling and Facilities
Design Services

Maximise the return you receive on your ICT cabling and facilities investment when you partner with iiSolutions. Our specialist knowledge extends to include everything from brand new fit-outs through to major reconfigurations or minor expansions.

Audit & Documentation

As your business grows and changes, so too does your ICT physical infrastructure and the volume and type of data you hold. Even with the best intentions, those changes aren’t always documented. It’s the symptom of a busy workplace.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

DCIM enablement, user training, system improvement, support

Data centre design, inspections, commissioning planning, witness testing

ICT building services briefs, cabling designs and infrastructure solutions

Infrastructure asset data exploration and manipulation

Infrastructure audits and drafting and documentation

Manage external network assets and their connectivity

Drill right down to a single fibre core or pair, analysing which IT service runs over each fibre

Integrate with geospatial systems (e.g. Google Maps/Earth or others) for visualisation of your assets

Reach across multiple sites spread over large geographical areas

iiSolutions was established in 2006 by Mick Joslin.

As your business grows and changes, so too do your ICT infrastructure needs. iiSolutions can help you to successfully manage those needs, ensuring your ICT infrastructure enhances your business rather than holds it back. Our services and solutions are centered on helping your business to achieve continued success. Established in 2006, our experience is broad and in-depth.

We have worked with countless corporations and government agencies in Queensland and on Australia’s eastern seaboard, lifting both their ICT and overall business performance while delivering new efficiencies and genuine savings.