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Maximise the return you receive on your Information and Communication Technologies network cabling and data centre facilities investment when you partner with iiSolutions. Our specialist knowledge extends to include everything from brand new fit-outs, ICT cabling and new constructions of data centre facilities, through to major reconfigurations or minor expansions.

We take the time to understand your needs, and we know how to convey those needs to other key project people, such as architects and builders. With a clear plan in place, the end result is a workplace with the right ICT cables and facilities in place that work as expected when your workforce takes up residence. Our planned approach also minimises budget overruns and delays.

ICT Cables going into the back of a data centre server
Putting your needs first

We consider your objectives and functional requirements and provide technical advice that will ensure your ICT physical infrastructure’s performance is optimised. Engage us to manage the whole project or to take responsibility for key tasks. We can:

Custom design a solution that will fit your business
Liaise with suppliers and construction personnel and oversee the changes
Develop supporting documentation
Provide ICT cabling network schematics
Effectively project manage the transition
Witness test and commission the new cabling and facilities, and more.

We have experience providing ICT cabling and facilities in a broad range of settings, including data centres, banks, supermarkets and telecommunications centres. With the right network cabling and facilities in place, your business will achieve more.

A hand holding a cable over a workspace of schematics of network cable drawings.
RCDD Certified to ensure extensive knowledge

A Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) is an individual who has demonstrated knowledge in the design, integration and implementation of telecommunications and data communications technology systems and related infrastructure. Most of iiSolutions designers are RCDD certified meaning they are uniquely positioned to create the detailed design of a new system and/or integrate design into an existing structure. RCDD is one of the highest credentials in the information technology systems industry and is recognised worldwide, ensuring you are receiving quality and extensive knowledge for your business needs regarding facilities design.

Meeting your needs now, and into the future

iiSolutions know how to look beyond the here and now, and to help you plan for the future. This means ensuring you have the right ICT cabling and facilities in place to stand the test of time, and to support you to grow your business.

Ready to maximise the return you receive on your ICT network cabling and data centre facilities investment? Contact iiSolutions today, without obligation.

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Ready to maximise the return you receive on your ICT network cabling and data centre facilities investment?