Audit and Documentation Services

Know what you own and use
As your business grows and changes, so does your ICT physical infrastructure and the volume and type of data you hold. Even with the best intentions, those changes aren’t always documented. It’s the symptom of a busy workplace, meaning it’s easy to lose track of exactly what you own and use. This, in turn, can lead to underutilisation of existing resources and inefficiencies. It can also result in disaster should you have to make a change – even if it’s a small change – or make a move.
We make it easy to plan for a better future

iiSolutions can audit both your infrastructure and data to an agreed set of criteria, documenting what you have and how it interacts. Our audits can be used to confirm your expectations, but most often, it identifies things that have been overlooked. Use it as a regular quality check or stocktake, or use it ahead of a business change.

The knowledge we deliver empowers you to make informed decisions, the right decisions, for your business’ future. It also limits downtime and protects your productivity during times of change.

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An iiSolutions audit can deliver:
Room plans
Rack layouts
Patching schedules
Network cabling schematics
Outdoor optical fibre network plans
Audit and inspection reports, and more.
The information you need, delivered in a format that’s right for you

iiSolutions can provide you with details of your infrastructure in the particular formats you require, whether that be a full database or individual drawings and data tables such as e.g. MS Visio®, Netzoom®, pdf, csv, MS excel®. We can also produce full Autodesk® AutoCAD plans and elevations for inclusion into other design plans and records.

Seeking new efficiencies and opportunities? Contact iiSolutions today to see how our Data Audits and Documentation Services can help your business.