About Us

About Us

Helping you to manage your changing business

As your business grows and changes, so too do your ICT infrastructure needs. iiSolutions can help you to successfully manage those needs, ensuring your ICT infrastructure enhances your business rather than holds it back. Our services and solutions are centred on helping your business to achieve continued success.

Established in 2006, our experience is broad and in-depth.

We have worked with countless corporations and government agencies in Queensland and on Australia’s eastern seaboard, lifting both their ICT and overall business performance while delivering new efficiencies and genuine savings through extensive projects.

Our team comprises some of the most experienced and intelligent ICT infrastructure specialists in our industry. They have been handpicked for their expertise and their ability to think outside the square as they solve problems innovatively and with real efficiency.

We empower our clients with our in-depth knowledge and access to a range of technologies, software, tools and services.

Meet Our Management Team


Mick Joslin

Managing Consultant and Director

Mick has more than 30 years of experience in ICT infrastructure. His detailed understanding comes from the time he spent during his career working as a data centre manager, technical consultant and telecommunications manager. He understands the risks associated with any ICT infrastructure change, he knows how to manage them and works hard to ensure all steps taken lead to a commercially sound outcome.

Mick founded iiSolutions and today remains hands-on in his role as he focuses on his clients’ physical hardware and puts his expertise to work.

Whether he’s building something new, or undertaking an update, refresh or refurbishment on something that’s established, his aim is always the same – to deliver an innovative best-practice solution. One that is customised to suit each client’s individual needs and meets their budget and timeframe.


John Penberthy

Senior Systems Integrator

With 17 years of experience in ICT infrastructure, John is iiSolutions’ software infrastructure specialist. He has worked across a broad range of systems and in many different environments, giving him the capability and insight to solve any software issues his clients face, and to solve them quickly. His expertise also allows him to provide ongoing support and maintenance to any business.

His real-world knowledge sees him to recommend cost-effective, best-practice solutions and the right course of action, even when the path forward might seem unclear. He begins by obtaining a detailed understanding of the issue before recommending and then implementing the best solution for the best end result.

Memberships and accreditations

iiSolutions is proudly:

  • Queensland Government GITC Accredited
  • An iTRACS Certified Consulting Partner
  • A BICSI Member: BICSI is a professional association supporting the advancement of the information and communications technology community.

Key members of our consulting team are:

  • Certified Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD)

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