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Contributing to your success
Regardless of the industry you’re in or the size of your business, iiSolutions can help you to achieve better value and better outcomes from your physical ICT infrastructure. Whether you operate a busy data centre, need to meet the requirements of a numerous, geographically remote sites, or are faced with juggling the ever-changing demands of a high-performing central office, iiSolutions offers a range of services that will help you to keep pace with those demands.
Data Centre Infrastructure Management: DCIM - we can help you to gain control of your systems and maintain them while maximising their efficiency and cost-effectiveness
ICT Cabling and Facilities - we have the technical expertise to optimise your ICT physical infrastructure’s performance
Audit and Documentation - we can provide a clear picture of the infrastructure and data you hold, empowering you to perform at your best
Your goals are our goals

We work in partnership with you, as an extension of your current ICT project or operations teams, while being mindful of timeframes and budgets. We know how to talk technical if you’d like us to, but we also don’t feel we must, ensuring we communicate clearly with anyone in your business.

We can provide services worldwide

iiSolutions has worked with companies all over the world, providing leading Data Centre Infrastructure Management solutions from our Brisbane location. We can provide our ICT services both here in Brisbane, Queensland or Australia, and we can provide solutions in The United States of America, U.K., Singapore and other global locations. The benefit of being in the ICT industry is it allows us to provide our leading services to you wherever you may be.

We get in and get the job done

When you engage us to deliver a service you become our priority. iiSolutions take the time to fully understand your needs and the issues your team and your business are facing. We then customise our service delivery so that what we deliver is right for you. We know there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to information and communications technology, which is why we use industry best practice methodologies to ensure the perfect outcome for your business.

Once your requirements are confirmed, we get in and get the job done, meaning you won’t ever be left waiting and wondering. We remain engaged and the communication flows to the right people, for the life of the project.

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