iiSolutions – iTRACS partners with real knowhow

iTRACS – the world’s most powerful DCIM solution – drives data centre efficiency and performance while delivering cost savings. As a specialised service provider and authorised iTRACS Enablement Partner, iiSolutions adds to the strategic value of your iTRACS solution.

Our iTRACS system skills are broad and our knowledge is detailed. We have worked with iTRACS for more than 10 years, and our iTRACS clients include large-to-medium sized businesses and a range of local and state government agencies.

These clients come from a range of different business sectors. Some are leaders in their field, others are striving to achieve greater success. They all have one thing in common – they want to be empowered by a DCIM solution and use a DCIM partner that can deliver total control and the flexibility to keep pace with change.

Unlock iTRACS’ full potential

Only a genuine iTRACS specialist can maximise the value you receive from your DCIM investment. iTRACS is a best-in-class solution and you need a best-in-class iTRACS Enablement Partner, such as iiSolutions, to unlock the product’s full potential.

Imagine a world where you have an information-rich system at your fingertips that captures all of the physical infrastructure in your data centre and maps the interconnections. Also imagine using point-and-click technology to virtually enter and navigate your data centre on screen, gaining a clear understanding of the complex interrelationships that exist between all of your assets.

All of this and more is possible, when you partner with iiSolutions to deliver iTRACS.

We can help you to implement iTRACS, or, if you already have an iTRACS solution in place, we can help you to manage and maintain it, all while delivering exceptional outcomes. Regardless of how complex your environment, our team is attuned to find opportunities that will continue to optimise the results you achieve from your iTRACS solution.

Local technical support

Access to iTRACS technical support has never been easier when you partner with iiSolutions. Not only will you receive direct access to iTRACS 24hr Global Customer Care Team, you will also benefit from local technical support delivered via our own iTRACS trained technical staff.

Ready to maximise the return on your iTRACS investment? Contact iiSolutions today, without obligation.